Tuesday, September 9, 2014

PREVIOUS COURSE: Applied Econometrics

NOTE: This blog was used for the Applied Econometrics Course at PIDE last semester -- I am just RE-USING the same blog for our new course on Bayesian Econometrics. The main purpose of the blog is to circulate notes to class members, and to allow them a place to ask questions. The comments below relate to the OLD COURSE: Applied Econometrics.

The first class of Applied Econometrics at PIDE was held from 9 to 10:30am at PIDE Ph.D. Classroom on Tuesday 9 Sept. 2014. This was mainly motivational, and also introduced my approach to the topic, which is highly unconventional. All students should subcribe to this blog, since it will be use to post the schedule of class activities, many of which are supposed to done OUTSIDE of class.

The first of these is to watch the first lecture of Introduction to Statistics, from the following link:
Lectures on Introduction to Statistics: An Islamic Approach. This page lists all the lectures. All of this introductory statistics material is REQUIRED background for the Applied Econometrics course. Whenever necessary, I will refer to these lectures and ask students to view them and work them through to understand the necessary background for the material in this course. The previous link has the video lecture, while course outline and text materials for the course is available at: Introduction to Statistics (lectures and labs).

On Friday, from 9:00am to 11:00am, students should come to do the first lab, which will provide an introduction to EXCEL, especially to techniques and concepts required for the lectures in applied econometrics. This pattern will be followed throughout the course, where the Tuesday lecture will provide conceptual material, while Fridays will be a lab where student learn to apply the concepts to real data using computers.

Material for the course itself will be available from the following website:
Textbook Econometrics and Statistics 
This currently contains lecture notes (and some videos) from the last time I taught the course, which was in 2008. This time, I will be adding a lot of new material, and changing the treatment of the old material, so watch for developments which will be posted.