Thursday, February 11, 2016

BL03 Beta Binomial

The third lecture is on the simplest Bayesian model, which is the Beta-Binomial model. Here the data is Binomial, while the prior is a beta density.  For useful notes on this model, please see lecture notes given on the following link (please read these lecture notes to prepare for class).

An introduction to the Beta-Binomial model - School of ...
by D Navarro - ‎Cited by 3 - ‎Related articles
The beta-binomial model (along with the closely-related beta-Bernoulli model) is probably the simplest interesting Bayesian model. It is tractable ..... calculations.

At the moment, the Wikipedia entry on the Beta-Binomial will be too difficult to read, but after having done the lecture or two on the concepts, you should be able to follow the discussion there as well:

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